Frequently Asked Questions

  • Define digital gold?

    Digital gold represents genuine gold that is stored in a virtual format, offering the benefits of space-saving, enhanced safety, and effortless conversion or purchase of physical gold at your fingertips. Stay updated with today's digital gold prices and embark on your investment journey now with Mera Sunaar.

  • Mera Sunaar app is your trusted and completely secure solution for managing your daily savings and investments in digital gold. It is proudly backed by the reliable Augmont platform, ensuring that all transactions take place through highly secure banking networks.

  • Yes, there are no restrictions on when you can withdraw your investment funds, as there is no minimum initial commitment period. Your funds will be available for withdrawal after 48 hours from the time of investment and the Amount will be credited after 48 hours.

  • Your funds are swiftly invested with Augmont. Augmont is a trusted digital gold investment platform, accredited by NABL and BIS, and Government-approved hallmarking ensures gold compliance with BIS guidelines.

  • Rest assured that your precious gold is in reliable hands i.e. Augmont. It’s a reputable entity with accreditations from NABL and BIS. Furthermore, the gold is stored securely in Sequel Vaults that are monitored by SEBI registered IDBI trusteeship for maximum safety.

  • Yes, MeraSunaar ensures that a certificate of purity is provided with each purchase of gold. Augmont, a government-accredited gold provider, supplies MeraSunaar with digital gold that is made from 24K 999% pure Hallmark gold.

  • Yes, the invoice will be sent to you through Augmont.

  • The allowed minimum purchase amount is Rs.10.

  • The buy and sell price difference for gold fluctuates due to factors like supply, global market conditions, and price volatility. The sell price includes additional fees for services like payment gateways and trustees, which contribute to the gap.

  • All of our pricing listed on the website do not include GST or any other taxes that may be applicable. At the last step of the checkout process, the appropriate GST is added to the given price..

  • To ensure the security of your gold account and prevent misuse, we recommend updating your KYC information.

  • You have the flexibility to withdraw your savings after just 24 hours of your investment, and there is no minimum lock-in period required.

  • The option for physical gold delivery will be available shortly.

  • To begin your investment journey, simply install the Mera Sunaar app on your Android device, create an account, and you'll be ready to start investing immediately.

  • We offer a range of savings plans, including Retirement, House, Education, Wedding, and General savings options.

  • You have the flexibility to choose between one-time investments and recurring investment methods. Recurring investments can be conveniently scheduled on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to suit your preferences.

  • Continued deductions occurred because the "Recurring investment" feature was not disabled within the Mera Sunaar app even after uninstallation. You need to contact our support team to apply the same.

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