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Highlights of the App

  • Gayatri

    I accumulated handsome quantity of gold just by the referral program. Amazing app and Service.

  • Sunil

    मेरे गाँव का सुनार तो मुझसे पूछ रहा था के तू online सोना कैसे मंगवा लेता है|

  • Navdeep

    कभी सोचा नहीं था के इस तरीके से भी सोना खरीदा जा सकता है |

  • Amrita

    What a user friendly app. Self explanatory and easy to use.

Our Features

  • Investment starts from as low as Rs.10
  • Investment on real time gold rates.
  • Donation digital gold at Temples,Gurudwara and other religious.
  • Secure Payments.
  • Introduce Merchant model.
  • Withdrawal Anytime.
  • Investment for everyone in pocket.
  • Set & Achieve goal easily.
  • Buy Gold like a Child's play.
  • Data Privacy.

Set your Goals

Withdrawal anytime

Secure Payment

Backed by Augmont
100% Authenticity of 24k gold

Enjoy Multiple Returns on Digital Gold Investment

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Get instant referral income in the form of Digital gold from every friend you will refer.

Your referral income will be never ending like a gold mine.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Define digital gold?

    Digital gold represents genuine gold that is stored in a virtual format, offering the benefits of space-saving, enhanced safety, and effortless conversion or purchase of physical gold at your fingertips. Stay updated with today's digital gold prices and embark on your investment journey now with Mera Sunaar.

  • Mera Sunaar app is your trusted and completely secure solution for managing your daily savings and investments in digital gold. It is proudly backed by the reliable Augmont platform, ensuring that all transactions take place through highly secure banking networks.

  • Yes, there are no restrictions on when you can withdraw your investment funds, as there is no minimum initial commitment period. Your funds will be available for withdrawal after 48 hours from the time of investment and the Amount will be credited after 48 hours.

  • Your funds are swiftly invested with Augmont. Augmont is a trusted digital gold investment platform, accredited by NABL and BIS, and Government-approved hallmarking ensures gold compliance with BIS guidelines.

  • Rest assured that your precious gold is in reliable hands i.e. Augmont. It’s a reputable entity with accreditations from NABL and BIS. Furthermore, the gold is stored securely in Sequel Vaults that are monitored by SEBI registered IDBI trusteeship for maximum safety.